Why Look For A Job When You Can Make The Jobs Come To You?

Wouldn’t it be great if all the job offers came to you? This is now possible – many companies are now approaching applicants rather than solely relying on applicants to approach them. This allows companies to source the best talent for their needs. Of course, getting employers to approach you isn’t easy – there’s no lazy way of getting a job. Here are just some measures that you can take that could help to make you a magnet for recruiters and help you to find your next career.

Polish up your LinkedIn profile

Having a LinkedIn account could help you to get a job. This social media site allows you to create a profile that serves as a public resume, detailing all the previous jobs and education you’ve had. Whilst LinkedIn is mainly used for networking, many employers also use it to find and contact potential applicants. Build a winning LinkedIn profile and you could start to receive job offers. You can create a successful profile by networking with lots of people and getting them to endorse skills – this will show employers that other people believe in your abilities.

Sign up to a headhunting agency

It could be worth signing up with an agency such as these headhunters at Eagle. These agencies are hired by employers to find the best talent out there – such companies encourage jobseekers to sign up to a database so that they can then search this database for the right candidate. Getting a headhunter to choose you involves having a well-written CV and portfolio. Many agencies will allow you to specify the types of jobs that you’re after so that you only get offers for jobs that you really want.

Create an advert

It’s possible to advertise yourself to employers rather than relying on employers advertising themselves to you. Many jobseekers do this on sites like Gumtree as well as on local Facebook groups. You could also print off a flyer and stick it to a public noticeboard telling employers that you’re looking for a job. Such ‘hire me’ adverts can be very effective when done professionally, however they are best reserved for those that aren’t in an existing job – you don’t want a current employer to see this ad, as you could be forced to leave your job sooner than you’d hoped.

Network with the right people

You can also get a job by knowing the right people. By socialising with people within your trade you may get to hear of job vacancies that have opened up and you may even be able to convince certain people to put in a good word for you to help you get the job. It’s possible to even make friends with an employer who may even be convinced into hiring you. Conferences, trade fairs and seminars are the best places to meet these people.



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