How Busy Moms Can Save Money: More Helpful Tips

busy moms save money

Have you noticed the busier life gets the more you tend to pay less attention to things like what you eat and how much money you spend?

No one ever said being a parent would be easy. Of course, no one also mentioned how distracting motherhood can be. Hashtag mom probs!

While being a smart shopper might have been a trait of yours in the past, having children can make budgeting more difficult. Sometimes, you just want to get out of the store like me not to mention an easy shopping experience.

Take grocery shopping for example. Before life became hectic I could take time to look for the best deals and clip coupons to save money.

Now when I go to the store I want to go in and out. I don’t bother to look at the prices. I just grab what I need and move on. Then my jaw drops at the checkout because when you do this, you may spend more than you’d like.

While it can be tough to find ways to save, there are some simple tactics moms all over the country use to maintain their budgets.

How Busy Moms Can Save Money

As a busy mom finding ways to save money is more important than ever because your family relies on you to provide things like clothes and food. But if you spend money like there is no tomorrow your family will suffer the consequences of those poor money decisions.

Mamas are on autopilot when it comes to saving money on things like groceries, household items and plan meals for the week.

Here are more tips on how to save a little bit of money even when you’re too busy to think about finances. And with a little practice, you’ll find yourself saving cash in no time!

Evaluate Expenses

This first tip requires a little bit of thought on your part. One night, when the kids are sleeping and you have a moment alone, sit down and look at your monthly bills. This means everything from utility payments to Netflix subscriptions.

You want to look at your expenses and see where you might be able to make adjustments. Often, there are more sensible plans or programs available out there. All you need to do is give yourself a moment to see if you are spending more than you should.

One of the best places to save money is with your car insurance.

Having children can often mean purchasing a second (and maybe a third) vehicle for your kids as the get older. If you have barely had time to evaluate your current insurance plan and see if you’re paying too much, now is the time to find out because you know how high premiums can be when you add a teen driver!

You could save hundreds of dollars each year on your payments without doing much more than switching from one coverage plan to another. So read up on rates and learn more about your options from various local insurance agencies.

App Appreciation

Technology has really helped modern parents manage their busy lifestyles while also remaining attentive to the needs of their children. If you want to save money, apps are a great place to look.

Most brands have apps that can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. These applications often feature exclusive deals and enticing coupons.

Even grocery stores like Whole Foods offer apps to customers where they can discover specific discounts at store locations situated near the user.

This modern version of coupon clipping has helped parents save a fair share of cash on trips to the market.

Rule of Five

Another great strategy for busy moms is the “save five” tactic. Whenever you have cash, set aside all five-dollar bills and squirrel them away somewhere safe. The idea here is to never spend a five-dollar bill and only rely on other denominations.

It is a simple way to trick your brain and forget about the money you’re putting aside. After a few months, you’ll be surprised with the extra cash you have available.

Over To You

Being a parent doesn’t mean you have to forget all about frugality. Learn additional ways to save and see which tactics help you become more financially aware to balance the needs of your family and your budget.

I hope you found these money-saving tips helpful. If you have anything to add, tell us about it in the comments below.

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