How To Create Your Own Products And Add Them To Your WordPress Website

Having your own products with your own brand is what most online business owners dream of.

For me, my dream was born some years ago. I have always wanted have a shop page with Not Now Mom’s Busy shirts and mugs.

But then I thought about what went into getting a shop ready. First there is the task of finding a vendor to create the products and you know a graphics designer can be expensive.

Then I would have to set up WooCommerce. At the time, there were not enough hours in the day for me to launch a shop.

And just when I thought I was going to have to put this dream on the backburner, I learned about an alternative to create my own products and display them on the website.

Before I get into it, I want to give a shout out to my friend Dana of I Am My Imagination for telling me about this because if she hadn’t my shop would still be a dream.

How To Create Your Own Products

Teespring lets you create your own products made of high quality material for free. That’s right, FREE!

You can also set up a storefront to promote your products on their platform.

But I’m going to show you how you can promote your Teespring products on your WordPress website with a plugin called Product Catalogue.

First things first, create your own products on Teespring. I created this quick video tutorial with step by step instructions below to show you how.

Click the start designing link or pink button located in the center of the page to choose the product you want to design.

You’ll notice there are different products you can create. They have canvas prints, iPhone cases and popular items like apparel, mugs and tote bags.

For this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create a women’s t-shirt.

Click on start designing link at the top or the pink button in the midle of the page to get started.

Over on the right, there is a style & design section. This is where you’ll select the style of shirt.

On the left is the design editor. This is where you’ll add text and images. To add more text just click off the current text box and click on it again to add new text.

There is a variety of fonts to choose from as well as artwork. And you can even upload your own images, like your logo.

When you’re done with the design, the next step is to select your sales target and add more styles or related products.

Click the sell this button.

Set Target and Select Other Styles

First, set the sales target. This is the number of products you would have to sell in order to see a profit. There is an estimated profit box under the target bar that shows you how much profit you’re estimated to make based on the target number.

The target number is automatically set to 50 but you can drag the bar down to adjust it to any number you’d like. If you drag the bar down to one, you’ll see the estimated profit after selling one item.

You also have the option to donate some or all of your profits to charity. Just tick the box to select a charity and how much you want to donate.

The next section is the apparel options. You can choose other colors, add other style shirts and accessories like stickers.

Click next to move on to the last step.

Name Your Campaign

The last step is to name your campaign. Give the campaign a title and description of the product. You will notice when you click in the text box a blue box will appear with helpful hints to give you a hand.

After you add your campaign title and description, select the appropriate category and subcategory.

Next, add the campaign length which is how often you want Teespring to print and ship out orders.

And finally, check the URL, display options and the storefront where the products will go.

Hit launch and you’re ready to go!

How To Add Your Products To WordPress

Now let’s add these products on your WordPress website. Make sure you have your Teespring storefront open because you’ll need the image and product link.

First, install and activate the Product Catalog plugin by Etoile Web Design. Go to Plugins then add new. In the search box type the name of the plugin and it should appear.

When you click on product catalogue on the left, the first page you’ll see is the dashboard.

create your own products

This is where you’ll find helpful tutorials and a list of your catalogues.

Now let’s set up shop. You’ll notice the purple bar at the top is the dashboard, products, catalogue, categories and sub-categories. The rest of the tabs are for premium users.

I suggest you start with the catalogue and categories because you’ll need to assign your products to one when you add them.

Here’s how create a new catalogue.

create your own products

Under the catalogue tab, click on the text box under name to name your catalogue. Underneath that, give your catalogue a description. If you’re comfortable adding custom CSS styles you can do that in the box under custom CSS.

Click add new catalogue when you’re done.

Now click on the categories tab to create a category list for your products. Just like the catalogue tab, enter a category name, description and an image to associate that category with.

create your own products

Click add new category when you’re done.

Repeat these steps for each category you add.

To add sub-categories, click on the appropriate tab and follow the same process.

Adding Products

And now the fun part – adding products! Make sure you have your Teespring account open because you’ll need the product URLs. Also, make sure you save the product image to your computer.

On Teespring, click the dropdown next to your email address and select products. Click on the product you want to add to your catalogue.

Right click the image and save it to your computer.

Now let’s upload your product and add it to the catalogue.

Click on the products tab.

Name your product then tab down to upload your image.

Next, add the price then tab down to add a description.

Then give it an SEO description.

To add the product link, hop over to Teespring, copy the URL of the product and paste it in the product link box.

Scroll down to assign a category then click add new product when you’re done.

Now, click on the catalogue tab. Select the catalogue you created.

On the next page, you’ll see product box with a list of your products on the left. Tick the items you want to add to the catalogue then click add to catalogue.

That’s it, you’re done!

And now for the big reveal. Check out your shop page to see what it looks like.

Over To You

I really hope you found this post helpful. And now that you know how to create your own products and add them to your WordPress website, what kind of products are you going to make?

Tell me what you’ve got planned in the comments below.

Before you go, please share this post on social media to show other bloggers how they can create their own products too. Thanks!


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